My New Ferrari!

Readers are Leaders

April 1st, 2015, and it’s 75 degrees in Minnesota. All is right in the world 🙂 Before I jump on the bike, a quick story… On Monday I was getting my hair cut at Great Clips ($14, that’s how I roll). I’ve been seeing my current stylist for about a year and towards the end…

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Why am I the only one who sees this so clearly?

High Performance

I’ve always had a ton of respect for fitness and bodybuilding competitors. Though I have no desire to do these things, I appreciate the incredible amount of DISCIPLINE it takes to be successful, in training, nutrition, supplementation and sleep. This level of discipline can apply to everything. I came across the below video this week,…

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Set Dumb Unrealistic Goals

Great Accomplishments

After a super hilly 20-mile run yesterday, I needed an IV of caffeine this morning to get out of bed. But it’s Monday and it’s time to get after it 🙂 I just did a google search on goal setting. It returned 29,000,000 hits, much of them centering around the “SMART” goal setting process. (for…

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Change Your Life In 4 Percent of Your Day

I love TED Talks. I watched one talk/day for the month of January, and at a minimum, I’ll watch one every week. They have the most interesting personalities and perspectives that it captivates me and forces me to think differently. Very motivating…and inspirational. A couple weeks ago I heard that TEDx is coming to my…

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This is the REAL secret

Jerry Seinfeld stole my strategy. Kidding. I have no way of proving that. But in January I had this interview on Fox where I talked about one of the best strategies to staying motivated and consistent towards your goals is to grab a big ol’ calendar and mark it with a giant “X” for every…

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I was such an idiot

I’ve always been a believer that the first step to focus is in eliminating distractions, so I’ve been intentionally “purging” my condo to start out 2015. I started with my closet, then my kitchen, then my desk, then ended with my bookshelf. My local Goodwill is reaping the benefits 🙂 I came across this book,…

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Struggling? Me too.

Life has been a whirlwind lately. I’ve decided to teach a class in Sport & Exercise Psychology at St Olaf College this spring (good, local school here in MN) and I was there on Monday doing a mock lecture for some of their students and faculty. My topic was self-talk, specifically related to skill acquisition…

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I was SOOO nervous (lesson from the Fox green room)

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to be back on Fox talking about achieving your goals in 2015 (I’ll pass along the clip when it goes live). Funny story in the green room beforehand as we’re waiting to get called on set… Me, a makeup artist, a photographer, and someone who does eyelash extensions. Hmmmm…which one…

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10 MUST HAVE Traits To Outperform

Yesterday, I was doing research for a new project for Outperform The Norm. As I went through the top 20 articles on Google for characteristics of high performers, I thought I’d have a little fun and put them into a WordCloud. Below is what it produced:   Next, I identified the top 10 that jumped…

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Conditioning Your Brain

So, I’m checking out at Rainbow Foods a couple weeks ago. As usual, when I’m waiting in line, I’ll glance over at the gossip magazines to see which new celebrity is getting bashed in the tabloids. What the heck else is there to do, right? This week happened to be more interesting than most… The…

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