Expert Advice on Nutrition

I met Adam Lax, RD, at an entrepreneur conference in Anaheim, CA. I loved his energy and his passion for nutrition and healthy living (he obviously practices what he preaches). But more than anything, I loved the simplicity in his message. There are loads of information out there on how to eat right…yet there’s a…

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Efficient and Effective RESULTS

I met up with a new client to start a Create LEAN program today and it was an experience I had to share (with his permission). The first thing I do anytime I have a new client is to take about 30 minutes to discuss their goals and exactly what we are going to accomplish,…

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Forming Positive Habits

Positive Habits

Habit formation is simple. And, believe it or not, it is as easy to form a positive habit as a negative one. Our body doesn’t know the difference between a positive and negative habit. What becomes difficult is when we need to replace bad habits, which is what most people are talking about when it…

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Building a Better You

Better Way

It’s important to realize the way your environment affects how you feel, think, act and the decisions you make. Aristotle said “We are what we repeatedly do,” and most studies show that you will become the average of the 5 people you are closest to. Choose these people wisely. Your everyday environment matters…big time. Whether…

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Perspective and Readiness

Scott Welle Transformations

In some of the previous posts I’ve talked about how small, simple, manageable choices can make a HUGE difference in the big picture. This post will have a slightly different tone…   I was fortunate enough to attend a black tie event for pediatric cancer in Chicago this weekend. Very powerful. Very moving. There is…

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March Motivation

Enjoy and have an AWESOME March! Please post your comments below.

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How To Have Total Confidence

Confidence is complex. Some have it. Everybody wants it. Very few know how to GET IT. The following podcast is filled with mental training techniques (some of them learned from my sport psychology days) on the 3 P’s of confidence – Personalization, Permanence and Pervasiveness. Master them in your explanatory style and you’ll have more…

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Rocky III

I’m a Rocky junkie, and I’ll never forget the scene in Rocky III where Adrian finally breaks Rocky down and he admits he’s afraid. In short, Rocky is training unfocused and half-assed – and one day he suddenly quits while running sprints on the beach. Adrian corners him, asks him why and he makes up…

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Getting Your Mojo Back

Have you ever noticed that life isn’t always roses and rainbows? Sometimes, no matter what the heck you do, things feel like a struggle? One of my goals for this blog in 2013 is transparency. Sure, I talk about health and nutrition and success and goals and attitude, but that doesn’t mean I have it…

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A Guide to Greater Goal Setting


For years, I heard about the importance of goals. Write them down. Think it and ink it. Make them tangible. It was all we studied in psychology and every single motivation, personal development, self help and success-based book talks about goal setting. And for years, I never did it. Who knows why? Maybe I was…

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