My Take On CrossFit


CrossFit is the craze these days. Gyms and makeshift warehouses are popping up all over the place that offer CrossFit. They even have the “CrossFit Games” televised on ESPN. The concept has gone viral. I’m asked often (not quite as often as How To Burn Belly Fat) what I think about CrossFit and whether I…

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Overuse Injuries in Endurance Athletes

The following video discusses: Overuse injuries and why they happen Overuse injuries and how to prevent them Barefoot running – good or bad? How resistance training can help “bulletproof” your body   Go after it!

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Someday Leads to Nowhere

  “Scott, I REALLY want to make serious changes in my life. I’m fired up! Ready. Motivated.   BUT…I’m really busy right now. My job and life are crazy and I don’t have time for ANYTHING… And they ALWAYS have cookies at the office… And holidays are coming up… And it gets dark so early…

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How To Get Rid of Belly Fat

Burn Fat

I normally don’t write blog posts like this but I’m checking out at the grocery store last night and I see three separate magazine covers about “shrinking your waist, “foods that fight fat” and “walk off belly fat.” I get that this is the stuff that sells to mainstream America but I figured I’d set…

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I Cannot Wait For 2016

Please note – I realize politics is a highly charged topic and many people get fired up about it. That’s good – passion means you’re alive. Just realize this post is meant to empower and provoke thought and a positive attitude…not to offend. What do you think I’m going to say??? I cannot wait for…

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TC and Chicago Marathon Tips

*SPECIAL* Blog Post I know many people running with Twin Cities and Chicago Marathons this weekend. I’ve done TC 3 times and Chicago 4 times, and here are my top 8 tips for having your best race possible: 1. Keep the calories coming in. Weather is going 2B cool – somewhere around 40 degrees at…

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17 Reasons Why Endurance Athletes Do Not Get Faster


  1. You’re insane. You continue to do the same thing over and over again but expect a different result. 2. Daily nutrition is bad. Forcing you to retain body fat. Not allowing you to maximize your workouts.

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Paying the Price of Admission

I honestly believe we are CAPABLE of accomplishing anything… BUT… the problem becomes when our goals are inconsistent with the price of admission we are willing to pay. Everything in life has a price of admission attached to it and significant achievements hold a lofty price of admission. The only question is, are you willing…

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Progressive Overload in Strength Training

Strength Training Program Template

Ask any trainer, coach, strength & conditioning specialist, or otherwise, what the most important component is in an exercise program and they will tell you progressive overload. You show me someone who is not making progress; I’ll show you someone who’s not employing progressive overload. Technical definition is: “gradual increase of stress placed upon the…

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Ironman 2012 Pity Party

Experienced athletes always say to expect the unexpected in Ironman. The day is long and lots of crazy things can happen. And they’re not lying. Ironman Wisconsin 2012 was my fifth Ironman and certainly my most “interesting.” Let’s get to it… The Swim: f&%king chaos. When I did my first Ironman six years ago, I…

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