There is no failure. There is only feedback.

This is one of the most critical mindset perspectives you can have to Outperform. It’s something I wish I grasped when I was younger.

If you want to understand WHY it’s so important, please check out this short 1-minute clip from Disney World earlier this year:

Even when I speak or post about this on social, I know many people listen to the message but some still don’t HEAR it.

For example, I posted about failure & feedback on LinkedIn a while back. Someone responded that there ARE failures, big and small. People fail all the time.

He referenced SpaceX and how many of their missions were complete failures.

But were they, really?

I was forced to dig up this article from The New York Times.

Regardless of what you think about Mr. Musk or Tesla or “X” or anything else, pay attention to how many times in the article they use language like “powerful lessons, learning experiences, future journeys, fixing problems, figuring it out”…

It doesn’t sound like they looked at it as failure, did they?

THAT is the mentality of the Outperformer.

Wherever you are and whatever you’re seeking, this mindset will help you. I promise.

And if you think this message could help your company, organization, department, team, conference or event in the future, I’d love to chat about speaking.

Keep Outperforming,