I’m typing this from Hawthorns Golf Club, outside of Indianapolis. I spent the morning speaking to a large group of financial advisors and wealth managers, and since I don’t fly out till 4:30 EST, I stayed at the club to do some work.

I’ve got a simple 3-step process that I follow after every speaking engagement:

1 – I allow myself to be flooded with gratitude. As I sit here right now, tired but still invigorated, I am so profoundly grateful to be able to do what I do.

2 – I think about what went well. Start here. Lead with positivity.

3 – I reflect on what I could have done better. No speech has ever gone perfectly from start to finish…and I seriously doubt any one ever will. But asking the question of what could have gone better is a pathway to continuous improvement.

Part of the reason I’m writing this is because it dawned on me that this is also a great way to look at our days:

Be grateful, because there is always much for which to be grateful.

Think about what went well in your day. What wins did you have, big or small?

Reflect on what you could have done better, but instead of beating yourself up over it, let it empower and fuel your improved tomorrows.

Keep Outperforming,


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