Last night I spoke at the University of Denver for a group of financial executives (FEI Colorado) on peak performance…

Afterwards, as often happens, I had a couple people approach me that wanted to chat.

One of them has a son on the verge of becoming a black belt in Taekwondo. But he's struggling and can't quite get to the finish line. The father felt bad and was questioning what he could be doing differently.

Then, he said, "Ya know, I'm just trying so hard to create an easier life for my kids."

I responded respectfully.

I understand what you're saying, but creating an easier life for your kids should not be the goal. Creating a better life is the goal, isn't it?

He agreed. And there's only ONE way to do this. Please watch the video:

The same one thing can apply to leading a company, organization, department, division or team.

All the best and keep Outperforming!