My alarm went off at 3:50 am this morning for a 5:00 am virtual breakfast keynote (so it goes when you’re on Mountain Time and the audience is on Eastern Time!).

I got up, ran 3 miles, stretched, had a nutrition shake and drank plenty of water. It’s my “peak performance routine” whether I’m speaking at breakfast, lunch or dinner, irrespective of time zone.

You probably think I’m crazy…and you’re probably right. Why do all that before logging onto Zoom at 5:00 am? No one would know the difference, would they?

You’re right again, they wouldn’t know………but I would. It’s simply a commitment to excellence regardless of whether I’m speaking to 10 people or 10,000 people. I want to show up as my best for THEM. And if waking up before the dog does is the price of admission, I must pay it.

One of my favorite quotes from Michael Jordan in The Last Dance is:

If people are going to choose to spend 3 hours of their day watching me play basketball, I have an OBLIGATION to give them my best.

I strive for the same mentality in speaking. The audience members choosing to spend their morning with me deserve it.

Who deserves your best today?

Keep Outperforming,