The Ripple Effect

Scott Welle

Hello Outperformer, Ripple effect: How social interactions affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction to broaden its impact. I’m a BIG believer in the ripple effect. Aren’t you? A few weeks ago I sent an email about a high school diver with whom I’m working. Her main fear was in “smacking” (a bad thing) on a…

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What Will This DO For Me?

Scott Welle Grit

Last week I spoke for the Forest Lake (suburb of MSP) Area Chamber Luncheon and Awards Banquet. FANTASTIC group and it’s always fun to see people receive awards for their volunteer work, contributions to the community, small biz success, etc. Afterwards, I was at a table selling and signing books when someone walked up to…

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Are You a Maximizer?

Scott Welle Peak Performance

A couple of weeks ago I sent an email with a list of my favorite quotes. I received a lot of responses but, by far, the most popular quote was: “What you’ve been given is a gift FROM God – what you do with it is a gift TO God.” Now, I’m not going to…

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Why YOU Can Be a Visionary Leader

Hello Outperformer, When I use the term “Visionary Leader,” who comes to mind? Steve Jobs? Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Elon Musk? Jeff Bezos? If you’re anything like me, not only do you name these high-profile people, but you also do not consider yourself to be in the same “league” as them. We say, “I’m…

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Quotes To Live By

Scott Welle Quotes to Live By

I hope you’ve had a great week! I’ve been doing a lot of speaking lately and I always find it interesting when I chat with people afterwards and I ask them what they’ll remember from the speech. It’s inevitably some quote (or “Welle-ism”) that I’ve used to emphasize a point. I’ve said many of them…

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The ONE Thing We ALL Do (and we shouldn’t)

Sport Psychology Countering

Hello Outperformer, I’ve recently been doing performance coaching with a new client. She’s a diver, very high level, and is hoping to land a Div-1 scholarship. She has a big meet coming up and is worried about a new dive she’s been working on. I’ve had to learn all kinds of fancy diver lingo like…

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How to OWN the 4th Quarter

Own the fourth quarter Scott Welle

In the last 90 days of the year, you can go one of two ways: You can mail it in and say, “I’m going to wait until the following year, and then I’ll get back on it after that.” Or you can say, ” I’m going to leave it all out there, and I’m going…

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Your Vibe Affects Your Tribe

Be So Good They Can't Ignore You

The average person has 50,000 thoughts per day and 40,000 of those thoughts are negative. If you’ve heard me speak, I’ve probably referenced that statistic. I will often ask the audience WHY? Is this born? Or made? There isn’t a right and a wrong answer, but the reality is, it’s a bit of both. Case…

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How to Deal with Difficult People

Dealing with Difficult People

Hello Outperformers, I’ve spoken for leadership and management teams all over the country and, without a doubt, I’ll typically hear about – sometimes secretively – a person in the group that is “difficult.” We’ve all seen this and it is tough, right? It can disrupt the culture of an entire team or organization. So, what…

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What Running 100 Miles Taught Me About Trust

Scott Welle 100 Mile Ultra Marathon

“You’re going back out there.” It was 6:38pm on Saturday, June 7, and I had been running for over 12 hours, since 6:00am that morning, in the 100-mile Kettle Moraine Ultra Marathon. Looking up, the hot sun still commanded the summer sky…and showed no signs of relenting anytime soon. I sat—slumped—down for only the second…

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