Happy Friday!

You may have noticed that I’ve been away for a bit. Or maybe you didn’t notice? Either way, I’m back 🙂

Lots has happened in the last month: a marathon with 262 pushups, a trip to Portugal, my 44th birthday (with more pushups!) and the standard speaking & life responsibilities.

So why have I been away?

It’s pretty simple, actually…

I didn’t make this weekly article a priority.

(please don’t take offense to that!)

Word choices matter. The language we use matters. Our “explanatory style” matters.

I was speaking yesterday morning in Rochester, MN, and we were talking about this very point.

During one of the periods of discussion, a lady in the audience said:

I just need to find time in my schedule to do that.

I’m sorry, but time is not something you “find.” You find your lost cell phone or misplaced car keys.

You MAKE time…for your priorities.

Have I been busy? Yeah, I guess. But we’re all busy, aren’t we?

I could say that I’ve been away because I’ve been “busy” but that’s what The Norm would say. It’s an excuse. I’m scapegoating my own inability to productively manage my priorities and allocate my time and energy towards things that truly matter.

Trust me, when you start using this language you feel a greater sense of agency and control and empowerment.

So, yes, from now on, I will be making this weekly article a priority. You can bank on it 🙂

And I hope you continue to make time for your priorities and the stuff that matters to you as well.

Keep Outperforming,