I’ve obviously been away for a while. Not because I’m lacking thoughts or things to say…but because I was trying to think about the direction I’d like to take my blog and what I ultimately hope people will get out of it.

I read a lot of other blogs in the health, fitness, performance or personal development fields. There probably isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t read an article or watch a video on these topics. And there is one thing I noticed from the people who have the most successful following, the most loyal fans and the most interesting (and entertaining!) content – they are all very REAL people and they speak from the heart. They aren’t afraid to say it like it is…even at the risk of offending some people…and they share their own strengths and inadequacies equally. Because of this they CONNECT with people and become amazingly successful.

It’s not like I haven’t been real with people (yes, double negative) but what has been holding me back has been the tone of my blog. I was always writing in a way where I’d attempt to piss off the least amount of people because I was afraid to “rub anyone the wrong way.” But now, as I venture more into the world of motivational speaking, I realize that my job is to move people to ACTION. And I cannot do this for everyone. All I can do is speak my message, hope it resonates with people and motivates them to make positive changes. If this happens…for anyone…I’ve succeeded.

What I come to realize more and more as I drift into my latter years is that not everyone is going to like you…and that’s ok. So it goes. You don’t have to like me. But I’m serving notice that, from this point forward, this blog will be point blank…blunt…honest…truth, that people NEED to hear and may not WANT to hear.

And even if you don’t like me…maybe you’ll still listen to me.