Use It or Lose It

Hello Outperformer, I heard Lou Holtz (former Notre Dame football coach) speak a bunch of years ago and he said: “Everything in life is either progressing or regressing....

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Scott Welle

The Ripple Effect

Hello Outperformer, Ripple effect: How social interactions affect situations not directly related to the initial interaction to broaden its impact. I’m a BIG believer in...

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Scott Welle Grit

What Will This DO For Me?

Last week I spoke for the Forest Lake (suburb of MSP) Area Chamber Luncheon and Awards Banquet. FANTASTIC group and it’s always fun to see people receive awards for...

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Scott Welle Peak Performance

Are You a Maximizer?

A couple of weeks ago I sent an email with a list of my favorite quotes. I received a lot of responses but, by far, the most popular quote was: “What you’ve been...

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