You have assumptions. So do I. So does everyone.

I used to think (circa 2010ish and earlier) that, literally, everyone struggling with something was soft and mentally weak.

‘Suck it up,’ I thought. ‘Stop making excuses!’

This is not something for which I’m proud. I also had assumptions about people that were poor and overweight.

Whether it’s my parents passing in the last three years or simple aging and maturity, I try not to subscribe to assumptions anymore. I’ve learned that my initial judgements are rarely correct; that there is often much more going on beneath the surface.

Everyone that is struggling is not soft.

Everyone that is poor is not lazy.

Everyone that is overweight is not undisciplined.

Today, on Martin Luther King, Jr., day, we should all look into the mirror and challenge our assumptions–about race, politics, gender, etc.

Everyone that is assuming is not factual. 

Keep Outperforming,