If change is coming and you’re feeling overwhelmed by it, take the opportunity to dig in and figure out what’s hitting you at the core value of that.
—Robin Vandekleut

In this episode, Robin and I discuss everything…CHANGE. How to “manage” it, how to adapt to it and how to thrive through it. Robin has spent her life in change and now she helps people do the same, both through her speaking and workshops, as well as her latest book, Unfinished Business: Make Change Work For You, Not Against You. To buy the book and to learn more about Robin, please visit her at robinvandekleut.com. You can also find her on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Robin’s full bio is below. Enjoy!

Robin Vandekleut is a self-proclaimed change enthusiast.Growing up in a military family, she learned from a very early age that change is an inevitable part of life and how you manage that change determines your personal or professional growth. In 2004,Robin started A Creative Voice Communications, a successful communications company that evolved into a change management consulting business in 2010 upon the completion of her MBA. Robin has worked with l00’s of business leaders and teams in public and private sector organizations over her career and has a heart to see each one of them succeed.

As a business leader herself, she understands the pushes and pulls of Leadership. She also consistently adjusts her own business model in minor ways and intentionally pivots the business every 10 years. Robin is passionate about engaging in conversations with leaders on how to best grow with their organization and face the new frontier ahead of them with their teams fully engaged and their organizations thriving. She is a proud Canadian, wife, mother of two incredible human beings (my daughter wrote my bio) and world traveler, currently living in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.

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