So, I’m checking out at Rainbow Foods a couple weeks ago. As usual, when I’m waiting in line, I’ll glance over at the gossip magazines to see which new celebrity is getting bashed in the tabloids. What the heck else is there to do, right?

This week happened to be more interesting than most…

The first magazine I see is about Jessica Simpson’s diet disaster. Nothing new here – EVERY WEEK a new celebrity has had a diet disaster. Or, on the flip side, they’re criticized for being too thin. Tough to win nowadays in our society.

Jessica Cover

But what caught my eye was an issue of Time magazine, located directly below Jessica, speaking about foods that can save your life and the science of keep your body healthy. Kudos to Time…I’m not used to seeing this type of cover.

Time Cover

Then I looked up from my aisle and scanned the other aisles. I saw many people looking at magazines (most of them were gossip mags) but I did not see one other person looking at that issue of Time. I couldn’t help but wonder what the readership rates were for the different magazines.

Now, I get it. People read gossip magazines for entertainment. That’s fine – I am ALL ABOUT life being fun and entertaining. If it makes you laugh, keep doing it.

But I also know that 35.9% of people in America are currently obese and obesity was recently classified as a disease. 70% of Americans are overweight. It’s an epidemic. And if we think health care is broken now, if we don’t turn something around in the near future this will be the first generation EVER where parents have longer life expectancies than their children.

Sorry for the doom and gloom but this isn’t strictly my opinion. These are facts. Many other highly respected people are saying the same thing. And we can choose to address the problem or we can ignore it and look the other way.

My take home point: what we put into our mind MATTERS.

If you don’t have the current level of health and happiness that you desire, what are you doing on a daily basis to improve that? Are you educating yourself on what it takes? Do you KNOW what it takes? There’s information all around you…it’s up to you whether you want to pay attention to it and use it.

This is actually about a lot more than gossip magazines. The same can be said for the amount of time spent on social media, surfing the web or watching bad reality TV. Are these things genuinely making your life better? Are they making you healthier? Happier? Higher performing?

In a nutshell, people don’t change for one of two reasons – they don’t know what to do or they know what to do, they’re just not doing it. If it’s the former, the little things you feed your brain are important and you have valuable information available everywhere. Choose to immerse yourself with positive, healthy, happy material (and role models) and watch how things improve!

Smart people call this neuroplasticity, which means the brain will mold and change based on your experiences. I call it brain training. You condition your brain the same way you condition your body – by doing something repeatedly, over time. You read about healthy behaviors, this experience will eventually become your reality. Be VERY careful of what you’re repeatedly feeding your mind.

If you have a good handle on what to do but you’re struggling to get yourself to do it, let’s chat about it. I can help. Click here if you’re interested.

Wishing you health, happiness and high performance,

– Scott


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