We may be too stuck in the thick of it right now, but it’s my belief that we’re all learning things about ourselves, our teams and our society, and when the dust settles, we will all be better for it. —Scott Welle



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This is the fifth, and final, installment of a 5-part series on courageous leadership that focuses on mindset, messaging and moving forward, whether you’re leading a company, a team, a community or your family. COVID-19 and the global pandemic has put us in an unprecedented situation and we need more people showing up and not shrinking, but shining.

Covered in this episode is the seriousness of what’s happening in our society: death, sickness, suffering, isolation and financial devastation. None of these are laughing matters.

Still, sometimes, what matters is laughing, and there are scientific benefits for doing it that make it even MORE important now than ever before.

Beyond this, I discuss the importance of communicating by letting people see you and hear you, and the two questions we’re all going to need to ask ourselves as we move forward.

Keep leading courageously and let’s OUTPERFORM together. Please share with others!


Courageous Leadership Series