What makes an Outperforming mindset? What does it consist of?

You probably know I’m a big believer that the same things elite athletes go through mentally on the court, course, field or ice, are the SAME things that allow us to Outperform on the field of play of life.

Well, on Monday morning I did a virtual training for a group of senior managers and executives in transition. One person in the group disagreed with me. She claimed, “I really don’t think I have an athlete’s mindset.”

I begged to differ…and I had to challenge her on that viewpoint.

You don’t make it to the level of senior manager or executive without having an “athlete’s mindset.” It just won’t happen.

So, I thought a lot this week about what really goes into this mindset and sometimes when you speak, the universe responds.

Here’s how…

For Christmas, I bought my girlfriend and her parents a subscription to Masterclass. If you’re not familiar, the premise is that you have people who are the best in the world at something, teaching you exactly how they do what they do.

(I got it mostly for world-class chefs teaching cooking, but they have everything from chess to comedy)

Yesterday, I got the email that Wayne Gretzky was teaching the athlete’s mindset:


I'm not really a hockey fan but I do know that he's the greatest player of all time. And, from scanning the lessons and from the little bit I watched, here's how he sees the athlete's mindset:

Set Attainable Goals
- It’s fine to dream big but this big dream happens by crossing small goals off the list, one by one.

Have an Honest Assessment
- Of what you’re good at and what can be improved.

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take
- Having a belief in yourself is three-quarters of the battle.

Develop Consistent Habits
- Make sure these are purposeful towards your end goal and stay dedicated to them.

Don’t Rest on Your Laurels
- Success is not defined by a single victory. It’s repeated excellence over time.

Expect the Unexpected
- Life is full of changes. Be prepared for anything that is thrown your way.

Walk the Walk
- Rather than talk about it, lead by example and let your hard work speak for itself.

Seems like things that will help us Outperform in life, right?

What do you think? What else would you include?

Keep Outperforming,