Hello Outperformers,

Our Outperforming movement is about serving others and leading them to Outperform…the RIGHT way.

Ralph Waldo Emerson famously said:

“Your actions speak so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”

Somewhere he’s rolling in his grave.

I’m not a boxing or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fan but there’s a huge fight going on this weekend: Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor. It’ll generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue and may end up being the highest-grossing fight in boxing history. It’s all the sports networks are talking about.

But who cares, right? Why am I talking about something I’m not even a fan of?

I understand there’s a certain amount of “promotion” that goes into these fights to drive Pay-per-view ticket sales but seeing clips from pre-fight press conferences has been the most loud-mouthed, derogatory (bordering on racist), narcissistic, inflammatory, self-serving rhetoric I’ve ever had the unfortunate opportunity to watch.

It’s what I believe to be a fundamental problem in our culture: The person who speaks the loudest, most outlandish things, gets the attention.

In a strange way, they are embodying two principles of great leadership: casting vision (of what they’re going to do during the fight) and showing a commanding presence.

But any of you who have heard me speak about leadership know that I believe the first, most basic rule of leadership is to LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Without this, nothing else matters.


In this case, not ONCE, did one of the fighters shut up and say: “I do my talking in the ring.

Why not say this? What’s wrong with saying a lot by saying nothing?

We all do our “talking” somewhere. It might be in the office, in a boardroom, on a sales call, on a stage, with the community or at home.

How loudly are your actions speaking?

We’re also coming into football season (go Vikes!). Call me crazy, but I still have nostalgia for the days of Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders; athletes who were true professionals. They would score touchdown and jog over to the official to hand them the ball because that’s what they were getting PAID to do. So refreshing.

Nowadays, it’s a highlight-driven contest of who can have the best touchdown dance or celebration. Why do you need to dance and celebrate for doing your job?

Key Takeaway:

We are what we repeatedly DO. Do your talking in the “ring.” What makes a great leader, long-term, is someone who has demonstrated consistent, dependable, trustworthy, positive actions. Not someone who shouted the loudest from the mountain-top about how they’re the best and what they may or may not do.

Three questions to ask ourselves as a guide:

Who am I committed to being?

How am I committed to thinking?

What am I committed to doing?

Wishing you a great weekend and keep Outperforming,

– Scott

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