After a super hilly 20-mile run yesterday, I needed an IV of caffeine this morning to get out of bed. But it’s Monday and it’s time to get after it 🙂

I just did a google search on goal setting. It returned 29,000,000 hits, much of them centering around the “SMART” goal setting process.

(for those of you unaware, this is Specific, Measurable, Action-oriented, Realistic and Timed)

I’m taking a different approach, one where you set dumb, highly unrealistic goals.

Why? Because THAT is what inspires people and compels them to wake up, every day, motivated, with a singular focus towards the task at hand.

This video says it all…

What we think is “realistic” is often just our perception of our own capabilities (not grounded in reality). Massive accomplishments happen every day by people who have a sense of urgency and mobilize their energy towards a lofty goal.

Personally, I’m dumb to try to run 100 miles. I’ve never run more than 31 miles straight in my life. I should probably wait for 1-2 years to make sure I’m “ready,” right?

But I also had never completed a triathlon when I did my first Ironman, nor had I ever written anything worthwhile when I published my first book.

I guess I’m unrealistic.

Don’t sell yourself short. Don’t stall. Big, hairy, ridiculously urgent goals can be a GOOD thing. They make you feel alive.

Question – when you woke up this morning, what was on the forefront of your mind? Did it make you sweaty? Uncomfortable?

If you’re not sure, put something out there, personally and/or professionally. Let it stretch and challenge you and forget those who think you’re nuts. People who can’t (or aren’t willing to) do something are usually the ones who will tell you that you can’t do it either.

Listen to the supportive ones. I “get” you.

WRECK the week,


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