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#1 Best Selling Book Includes:

  • Customized training pace calculator
  • Training programs ranging from 5k to marathon
  • Audio downloads for mental toughness
  • Running movement drills for efficiency & faster times
  • Running-specific muscles to prevent injuries
  • Videos on dynamic and static running mobility (flexibility)
  • Bonus training on barefoot running, overuse injuries, building a better butt, etc :-)

#1 Best Selling Book Includes:

  • Increase cycling speed 1-2 mph immediately
  • Video on the 3 keys to peak performance & racing your best
  • BEAT THE HEAT: Electrolytes & Hydration
  • Setup + execution of triathlon transitions
  • Fueling fat loss through performance nutrition
  • Motivation in training & staying mentally tough in racing
  • My personal "best in class" equipment & apparel recommendations :-)

OWN Your Next Race Exclusive Webinar

  • A Fresh, Winning Mindset

    Ever hit the proverbial wall? No more! Learn how to be mentally tough and motivated, especially later in the race.

  • The SHIFT

    A simple shift you can make that will cost you no extra time, effort or energy, and will make you more efficient than 99% of competitors on the race course.

  • Fuel Your Body To Perform

    The perfect nutrition, hydration and electrolyte plan to fuel your body for sustained energy and optimal performance, with minimal digestive distress.

  • The 3 Killer Mistakes To Avoid

    In working with hundreds of athletes, there are 3 common mistakes that good athletes NEVER make. Know what they are and how to avoid them.

  • Your Best Race. Period.

    Great races don’t happen by luck. They happen because of sound strategy + flawless execution. Discover how to take control of your results.


  • What Matters. MOST.

    Learn the ONLY 3 things that matter when it comes to running fitter and faster. I’m not joking. There really are ONLY three.

  • Less Aches and Pains. More Performance Gains.

    Uncover the biggest mistakes poor runners make that cause them to get injured, and how to lessen impact forces so you have more energy and stamina.

  • Find Your Fast

    Discover how proper speedwork can transform your running, and why almost everyone does this wrong. Those 200s, 400s, 800s? Let’s make ’em count.

  • Have Hills Feel Like Speed Bumps

    Hill training, when done PROPERLY, is “speedwork in disguise.” Understand the best way to build strength through quality hill work and unlock a more powerful running stride.

  • From Information to Implementation

    The power of The Ultimate Running Webinar is in the VISUALS and step-by-step instruction. Lots of programs give you information, but you’ll receive action and application. It’s all you need to succeed.



What Others Are Saying...

He's made me stronger mentally and bad-ass mean physically.

Mary "Bacon" Sellke Ironman Triathlete

For the first time in my life I actually feel like a runner instead of a gawky, plodding biker/swimmer who tries not to collapse on the run. As you say Scott, I could have kept training harder with my poor technique and would not have seen this kind of improvement. Thanks!

Brian "I Ride Angry" Pellegrini Triathlete

He instills all the trust you need to set challenging goals and know that your goals – no matter how crazy or unattainable they seem at the time – are achievable.

Missy "Beware The Hair" Nachmias Marathon Runner

You took my fitness from a hobby and made it a PASSION. I had no idea what I was capable of until I met you. Thank you!

Diane "The Machine" Birkeland Ironman Triathlete

After working with hundreds of triathletes, the single BIGGEST thing I hear from them is that they want to improve their performance...WITHOUT sacrificing their life and family time. They want better results, faster and easier.

That's why I'm making you this offer. Plain and simple.

You get instant access to the eBook version of both #1 Best Selling Books + the wealth of multimedia resources + two exclusive webinars, all for the price of a couple super duper double shot caramel macchiato thingies from Starbucks. Or a box of gels for your next race.

I'm hoping you'll take advantage of this offer and I look forward to seeing you on the "inside!"

Scott Welle Scott Welle
Author, OUTPERFORM THE NORM for Triathlon & Running

Two best selling books. Two exclusive webinars. Countless resources.

One giant leap in performance.


About Scott Welle

Scott Welle is a #1 international best selling author, speaker, peak performance coach and founder of Outperform The Norm, a global movement that helps people perform their best personally, professionally and athletically.

He has authored eight best selling books, has a Master’s degree in Sport Psychology, six certifications in human performance and serves on advisory committees of three national level organizations. Scott is also the Fox 9 Motivational Expert in MSP.

As an endurance athlete, Scott has completed five Ironman triathlons and has qualified for the 70.3 World Championships. He's run 25 marathons and recently placed 14th in his first (and only!) 100-mile ultra marathon.

Scott has coached hundreds of athletes to PRs and loves helping people redefine their potential and continually get fitter, and faster, with age.

Train smarter. Race faster. Stay injury free.