I met up with a new client to start a Create LEAN program today and it was an experience I had to share (with his permission).

The first thing I do anytime I have a new client is to take about 30 minutes to discuss their goals and exactly what we are going to accomplish, when. In this case, Carl Client’s initial goal is to lose 15 lbs. Easily doable. When going over his lifestyle and fitness routine, this is what I heard (summarized):

“I work out 3-4x per week and do a total body program of about 12 exercises. Mostly upper body, abs and cardio. I typically use the machines. Cardio is mostly on the elliptical. I eat about 3x per day and drink 1-2 glasses of water per day. I don’t sleep that well at night.”

First, I’m not being critical of what he’s doing. In fact, it’s the NORM.

Second, I guarantee he’s going to be successful and lose 15 lbs. Below is why…

Here are the simple tweaks I’ve made (so far):

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  • Strength train the legs. Why? The legs are the largest muscle groups in the body. Work them and you’ll burn more calories. You get more bang for your buck.
  • Less machines, more free weights and exercises where you have to support your own body weight. Engaging your smaller stabilizer muscles in these exercises also increases caloric burn.
  • Less exercises. More quality, less quantity. You don’t need to hit the smaller muscles as hard (arms, abs, calves, etc.) if you’re hitting the big muscle groups (legs, back, chest) first. My workouts normally don’t include more than 6-8 exercises, total. And I’m smoked afterwards.
  • Cardio on the treadmill. He has no previous history of lower extremity injuries so we may as well maximize his time doing cardio. Treadmill always trumps elliptical.
  • 1-2 more meals per day. Thankfully, he uses AdvoCare Nutrition (the best) and can carry an extra 1-2 Meal Replacement Shakes with him each day.
  • More water. I told him to bring a water bottle, and like a good soldier, he walked in with a brand new 34 oz bottle. I told him starting out, the minimum was to drink 2 of those per day. It should never leave his side. We’ll upgrade on the 68 oz over time.
  • Try to adopt a sleeping routine, such as going to bed at the same time every night. Much of sleep is finding your own individual pattern and sticking to it…longterm (I’m preaching to myself on this one).

Once Carl Client makes these changes, he’s going to have a burning metabolism like he hasn’t seen in a loooong time. And the beautiful thing about it is that I’m not asking him to do anything dramatically different from what he has been doing. If anything, I’m simplifying.

You’ve probably heard the popular line: “at 211 degrees water is hot; at 212 degrees it boils. That one degree makes all the difference.” In his case, that one degree WILL result in him achieving his goals. We didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. We didn’t have to carve out time for him to add in exercise. He’s already doing these things – I just gave him the strategies to Create LEAN and move his health, fitness and body composition to the next level…all by shifting that one degree.

Hope you found this helpful and I wish you a great day.

In health, happiness and high performance,

– Scott