I love a good challenge.

About 2-3 weeks ago I went to a high school track with my girlfriend to run an interval workout. There were two large tractor tires laying on the football field, obviously used by the athletes for their strength and conditioning.

Being the “gamer” I am, I went over and tried to pick it up.

Couldn’t do it. Couldn’t get a grip on it.

So, I ran my interval workout and left the track. And I’ve probably thought about that tire everyday since…wondering when I was going to make it back.


Yesterday, to get ready for Christmas, we returned to the track. It was ON:

As you read this, you're either going to think I'm completely crazy or it's going to make perfect sense.

The tire is a metaphor for life. 

A challenge you know you can overcome that stews in the back of your mind. And until you do it, you'll always wonder why it hasn't been done.

As you move into 2020, what are your tires that haven't yet been flipped?

Go flip them.