I hope you’ve had a great week!

Question – what is ONE goal you’d like to achieve in the last 90 days of the year?

Most people, because of holidays, shorter days, colder weather, will mail it in for the last 90 days. But you’re not most people 🙂

I’m asking because about a month ago I asked what type of content you would like to see going forward.

Many, many people responded with goal setting and habit formation. So that’s where we are starting.

One goal that would signify Outperforming for you in the last 90 days. Personal, professional, athletic – it doesn’t matter.

For me, ironically, I’m going to finish a book on goal achievement. My “Daily Execution. Extraordinary Results.” presentation has gotten very popular and it makes sense to have a book that complements it and goes more in depth (plus it’s good timing going into the new year).

If you asked about habit formation, we’ll look at that next week. We didn’t start there because very few people will build better habits unless it’s serving a greater end goal or purpose.

And once you’ve decided on your goal for the last 90 days, please put it out in the universe. Tell someone in your life or send it to me at scott[at]scottwelle.com. Bare minimum, write it down. As long as it’s out of your head and made tangible, you’re on the right track.

Keep Outperforming!