HELLO 2012! You are officially here and now it’s time for decisions. And revisions.

The New Year is my favorite time of year and I always like to start it on a positive note. I think about what went well and what I accomplished. I also like to think about what I had hoped to accomplish and did not. I base my goals and expectations for 2012 from these reflections.

In the fitness world I normally tell clients “you cannot evaluate what you cannot measure,” which validates the importance for baseline and regular ongoing assessments. In other cases it can be more difficult. Sure, if one of your goals was to make more money in 2011 than you did in 2010, this is easily measurable. But if your goal is to become a more positive thinker, things can be more clouded. How do you quantify your thoughts? It’s not easy.

Still, I would recommend starting off 2012 by trying to set as many of your goals with measurable outcomes as possible.  Measurement is great…it tells you if you’re making progress and tells you if what you’re doing is working. If it is, you continue to do it. If it’s not, you make revisions. I would also advise you to NOT focus on the initial measurement – focus on the steps that will move you towards your goals.

I heard a great line on a conference call last night: Yard by yard is hard but inch by inch is a cinch.  It struck me immediately. I know what this means to me…but what does it mean to you?

Let’s take weight loss for example – I’ve heard a lot of people say something like “I’ll lose a few pounds and THEN I’ll get on the scale,” or “I need to lose a few pounds and THEN I’ll join that class…or hire that trainer…or start that program…or join that gym (you get the point).” We’re always afraid of the initial measurement because we’re too intimidated by the yards that lie in front of us.

Make 2012 different. Make 2012 the year that you focus on the inches that will get you to the yards. Get the ball rolling, let it gather some momentum and see how far it will take you. If you do this I guarantee it will your best year ever!


I’ll see you at better.

– Scott


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