Would you like to have days that include more:

Positive feelings?
Personal satisfaction?

Then there’s ONE thing you must do:

Experience Flow.

If you’re a sports junkie like I am, it’s what athletes call being “in the zone.” Or having “deep practice.”

It’s that special state where you’re so engaged in a task that performance almost becomes effortless.

It’s possible for all of us.

In fact, I’ve paid close attention to coaching clients over the last couple of years and how they describe their best days.

I’ll let you in on a secret – their best days are never when they got a massive number of things done (meetings, tasks, etc.) and made moderate progress on each. Those days leave them tired and semi-satisfied.

Their BEST days – the ones where they lean in, sit up tall and their voice rings with excitement – are the ones where they spent a period of time deeply immersed in ONE thing and made maximum progress in it.

That is flow. And those days bring fulfillment.

Experiencing this is possible for any person, in any role, in any industry.

A salesperson can experience it prospecting. A housekeeper can experience it cleaning. An author can experience it writing. An actor can experience it rehearsing. A project manager can experience it streamlining. An athlete can experience it practicing. An executive can experience it strategizing.

And before you say that it’s impossible for you because of how “busy” your schedule is, please allow me to be blunt and ask, who is in control of your schedule?

I’m not talking about carving out full days or even half days for flow.

I’m advocating for 75-90 minutes, done semi-regularly, where you identify an activity that truly MATTERS to you, and spend time engaged with that and only that.

I’m writing this post because I want you to have more best days. Not days where tired from busyness yet still unfulfilled. But days where you’re invigorated and proud of the progress you’ve made.

Is this counter-intuitive to the way most of society operates, yes. But if you can discipline yourself to do it, watch what happens.

Keep Outperforming!