When we ask others to do that which we are unwilling to do ourselves, it’s not where we have maximum impact & influence, and it’s certainly not where we Outperform.

In other words…

People do not follow what you SAY. They follow what you DO.

Part of the reason I think of this is because my son, Cole, injured his hip a few weeks ago. It’s basically a growth injury, where his muscles have outgrown his bone structure.

But either way, sports-wise, he’s out of commission for a bit.

When you have a hip injury there’s not much you can do. No running, no biking, no cutting, no jumping.

So what have we been doing?

Oh yeah…PUSHUPS.

Because the world needs more hugs and pushups, right?

He’s been 50-100 pushups before school, broken up into a variety of sets. He actually looks forward to it.

The February Pushups Tracker


A big part of the reason he looks forward to it: I'm DOING the pushups with him.

It would be very different if I got him out of bed and told him he needs to do his pushups, while I sit on the couch eating donuts.

Nope, I'm into it. He sees me doing the sets. Getting uncomfortable.

I will never claim to be an expert on parenting but I have noticed the unique similarity been it and leadership is that people always follow what you DO more than what you SAY.

Actions speak louder than words.

Keep Outperforming,