The world needs great leaders NOW more than ever and OUTPERFORM for Leaders: A Guide to Inspiring Peak Performance in an Ever-Changing World (my eighth in the series) aims to help! A lot of sweat and science went into writing it and below is the Preface from the book. Enjoy!



All is right in the world.

It’s early April, 2020. The economy is booming, spring sports are in full swing and I have just returned from running the Ibiza marathon and celebrating my 40th birthday in Spain.

If only it was true. Instead, we’re in the thick of a pandemic that will be remembered, forever, by everyone that’s living through it.

Where were you? What were you doing? How did you handle it?

These stories will be told to children too young to realize what’s happening and to those not-yet-born. Generational significance, akin to The Great Depression, WWI & WWII, 9/11 and The Great Recession of 2007.

The avalanche of tragedy that has descended upon us is unprecedented. As if the sickness, suffering and mortality weren’t bad enough, financial markets have plummeted and businesses have been forced to close—for some, indefinitely.

One more thing, try stomaching all of this in isolation. Let me know how that tastes. Holidays without family, happy hours without friends, office meetings office. FaceTime and Zoom were meant to be supplements, not substitutes, for human contact.

“Control the Controllables” is a universal phrase in my speeches, regardless of audience. Our outcomes have, perhaps, never been more uncontrollable or uncertain; thus, making controlling our attitudes and actions never more essential.

Growing up in Minnesota, one of my favorite things to do was to play outside in a snowstorm. The harder it snowed, the happier I was. My most fun days were running full speed, with big, fluffy flakes pelting me in the face, in a blanket of white so strong that I could barely see two feet in front of me.

At times, the grim negativity of this pandemic seems like that snowstorm. It’s impossibly hard to see through it. Still, one of the things that gives me hope, and has driven me to finish this book, is the daily presence and perseverance of Outperforming leaders all around us.

  • Leaders that, despite crisis, are committed to their best.
  • Leaders that show up consistently, even though their home is now their home-office.
  • Leaders that are being courageous. Healthcare workers, you’re top of the list.
  • Leaders that communicate effectively by meeting people—and appreciating them—for where they are.
  • Leaders that continue connecting to deep, meaningful, purpose-driven work.
  • Leaders that cast a vision for a new normal that will look even better and brighter than our old normal.

I started this book thinking that my ideal reader would be a successful businessperson; someone climbing corporate America and taking others with them. I now believe these messages of impacting and inspiring others, transcends business. It’s for the Outperformer that may lead not only in their company, but also in their family, church, community, organization or anywhere else.

I hope this book serves you, as you serve others.



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Leadership is a commitment to consistently show up as your best, to influence and inspire others to see more, do more and become more, in the pursuit of a lofty goal or worthwhile ambition.