Video Transcript:

Hello Outperformers,

I just got done finishing a session with a private coaching client, and we were talking about different business growth strategies, and one of the conversations we got in at the end of the call was her not wanting to feel like a salesperson. It’s something that’s extremely common. If you’re in sales, you’ve probably felt that way. I felt that way from time to time and people on your team have probably felt that way as well. And one of the conversations that I had with her was the conversation of benefits versus features, and of course that sounds really elementary, and I’m sure you’ve heard it before, because we often talk about it in regards to the prospect and whether they are going to buy.

But there’s also another reason. When we really look at the internal psychology of a salesperson, why thinking about the benefits, and the tangible things that someone will receive when they engage with your product or program or idea or service, if you’ve ever felt like you don’t want to come across as a “salesperson,” or you are a little bit reluctant to do that rigorous activity that is really necessary to be able to grow your business, well, continually reminding yourself of the good, or of the BENEFITS, or of the VALUE that you are actually providing to someone. When you remind yourself of that, it transcends sales and you go from being a commodity or selling someone a widget to, I am generously adding value to this person’s life.

If you remind yourself of that, and if you truly believe deep down to your core that that is what you’re doing, you will never worry about coming across as being pushy. You will never worry about coming across as a salesperson. You will simply do the things, because you will remind yourself of all of the good that your product, program, or idea, or service can have on someone’s life. So again, common sense, not always been common practice. This is something that you’ve probably heard before and I’m sure you’ve thought of it from time to time, but I think being reminded of it is a good thing for all of us in our journey to OUTPERFORM.

Have a great day,