I have a theory that there are two things that can bring people together and create a deeper sense of human connection among us all…

Hugs and pushups.

Yeah, I’m weird…but hear me out:

Last week I did the closing keynote for AMC (Association of Minnesota Counties) in downtown Minneapolis. 500+ county commissioners, officials and staff from the 87 counties in MN.

Speaking at AMC after hugging it out


Normally the person introducing me gives me a firm, professional handshake afterwards and then I start my speech.

Not this time. The president of AMC caught me off guard by giving me a huge hug. And I got another one on stage after I finished!

In fact, as I looked around afterwards, chatting with people and selling books, I could see other people hugging.

It felt like family, like we were truly all there together.

Fast forward to a couple nights later. JoAnna and Cole came into town and we went to the Arboretum, a large nature area outside of Minneapolis that was decorated with lights.

I've fully enabled them into my weirdness, so of course we had to do some pushups while walking around. We stopped in a lighted igloo, hit record and did our set.

JoAnna immediately sent it to her parents and sure enough, 30 minutes later we get a video from them.

They were having an evening cocktail, but at 70+ years young, they couldn't possibly let us be the only ones doing pushups that night! So they hit record and sent us their video.

Next up was my brother. He got home at midnight from a Christmas concert, not expecting that he'd have multiple videos of family members doing pushups.

And...you guessed it. He hit record and did his set.

The root of all human connection: Pushups


You may think I'm joking but I'm actually being somewhat serious. I've seen it all around the world - you start doing pushups and people inevitably join in the fun.

(The strangest place I've ever done pushups was the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, but even there people joined in!)

Give more hugs, do more pushups. The world will be a better place 🙂

Wishing you a great weekend and keep Outperforming,