Have you been on a Zoom call (or whatever platform you use) anytime in the last year and, inexplicably, had technical issues?

(I can see you nodding!)

It’s a natural casualty of livin’ that virtual life and this morning it happened to me.

It normally wouldn’t be a big deal…except for when you’re the one speaking to 100+ project managers on peak performance. Then it becomes a VERY big deal.

Ironically, it happened right as we were talking about being adaptable and thriving through change. Then, poof, I’m gone like David Copperfield. Couldn’t have scripted it better.

It made for some funny jokes when I got back on the call and it closed out just fine, but I was still frustrated.

This is the first major technical issue I’ve had during a speech in the last year and, like any Outperformer, I did all the preparation possible:

Internet speed, good. Computer bandwidth, good. Dog locked out of the studio so he can’t unplug my cords, good. I even jumped on with their IT director to make sure everything was working earlier in the week.

The moral of the story?

Sometimes, shift happens. But you still choose how you’ll respond to it.

That’s all I’ve got for today 🙂