Thanks to everyone for the well wishes on Triple Bypass last weekend! Everything went “reasonably” according to plan.

Legs were good. Lungs were good. Energy was good.

Mother Nature: not so good.

It rained multiple times, including a few miles of absolutely pelting hail (see top right photo). Trust me, it’s at that time that you start contemplating WTF you’re doing out there 🙂

It took me 8 hours to cover the 110 miles. I get asked often, "what do you think about when times get tough on the bike?"

Well, what do YOU think about when times get tough?

It's the same stuff, whether we're talking about business or biking.

First, as painfully simplistic as it sounds, I think about biking. Staying relaxed and making symmetrical pedal strokes. The process that leads to outcomes. I focus on what I'm doing, not what might happen.

Second, I remind myself to be grateful. Not everyone has the opportunity to see the beautiful scenery and to feel the tough times of grinding up a mountain pass. I do and I'm fortunate. I should soak it up.

Third, tough times, too, shall pass. They never last forever, no matter how much it may feel like they will at the time. Eventually, they're replaced by something different. As one of my coaching clients likes to say, "confidence is built by doing and overcoming hard things." Keep moving forward.

That's all I've got. Focus on what you're doing, soak it up, move forward.

And keep Outperforming.