Last week I had one of my most significant and meaningful speaking engagements. It was for League of Minnesota Cities, an organization of appointed and elected city officials.

There were 500ish people in the crowd and I had the closing keynote.

As a native Minnesotan and someone that will always call the state “home,” it was so impactful because these people are the ones shaping the future of Minnesota, especially in small towns like Albany, where I was born and raised.

Afterwards on the drive back from Duluth to Minneapolis, I was profoundly grateful. And I couldn’t help but reflect on some of the process and struggles to get there.

Times like driving alone at 6:30am in the dark, on a freezing-cold January morning, to speak for 12-15 people in a church basement…for free. At a time when I could barely pay my bills.

It’s times like these that no one sees.

They ask how you “transformed” your business or what “light bulb” went on to get you where you are today.

Light bulb? Yeah, I needed one of those when I was driving at 6:30am alone in the dark 🙂

There are no short cuts. And I believe it so strongly that I recorded this special video just for you >>

If I were to summarize it into two quotes:

Don’t focus on where you’re STARTING. Focus on where you’re GOING.

If you continue to put in the reps, it’s impossible for it to not amount to something.

I believe in you.

Keep Outperforming,