I hope this finds you well. Weird week, huh?

Yesterday morning I had a 4-hour virtual training, titled “Peak Performance for Project Managers.” The session started with talking about the psychology of peak performance and how it is the foundation for us to Outperform.

A facilitator was monitoring the chat, but during one of the breaks I saw the following comment:

Comments like these are why I love what I do. I go into every speech with the intention of helping someone be "on the right side."

She was referring to the following slide:

I think we all need to be "woken up" from time to time. It's why I listen, read or watch some type of business or personal development content every day. I never miss.

Because sometimes I catch myself focused on ME instead of WE. I catch myself focusing on resources instead of resourcefulness. I catch myself blaming lack of time rather than proactively managing my priorities.

And I need to be woken up.

If you've been here for any length of time you know that I'm endlessly fascinated by the psychology of why we do what we do. And I'm equally intrigued and disturbed by so much of what's currently going on in our country.

Now's not the time to go into it. In the future, I'll probably write about (or record videos) on reminiscence bump, positivity effect, confirmation bias and declinism - all geeky psychological terms that I think can help explain our bipartisan tendencies to be on the left side.

But, for now, pour yourself a favorite beverage, relax and find something to laugh about. You've earned it.

Keep Outperforming,