In honor of Father’s Day this weekend, the greatest lesson I learned from my dad was to treat people well.

Not some people. ALL people.

If you know my story, you know that he passed away five years ago unexpectedly. I was in CO when it happened and I still remember lacing up my running shoes, about to head out the door for a few lunchtime miles, when the phone rang from a 320 area code (Albany, MN).

When I looked at my phone, I knew it wasn’t good.

And for how often I’m wrong in my life, this unfortunately, was not one of them.

Five years gives you a lot of time to reflect. Some of my best memories with dad were playing in the Albany Father-Son golf tournament that always happened this weekend.

To be transparent, my dad wasn’t much of a player in his later years, so it was basically me hitting all the shots and him riding along in the cart…barking orders at me about what shot to hit 🙂

But that didn’t matter.

I got to witness firsthand how he interacted with EVERYONE – strangers, friends, young, old, men, women, etc.

This happened on AND off the golf course.

My dad was born with the “gift of gab” and he used it well. If you’re a dad, you certainly have some unique gifts, too.

Use them wisely and share them generously. Happy Father’s Day.

Keep Outperforming,