Hello Outperformer,

Admittedly, I’m horrible at celebrating my own accomplishments. I’ll lead the charge on celebrating everyone else’s, but when it comes to mine, I dismiss them “as something that anyone could do”…or I’m immediately focused on the next mountain to climb.

Perhaps you can relate?

At the beginning of 2019, I set a goal to speak 50 times. Well, I’m proud to say that last week I had a half-day sales workshop, and that was my 51st speaking engagement of the year.

(cue the virtual applause :))

In those 51 speaking engagements, I’d conservatively say that I’ve been in front of 10,000+ people, many of whom I had the opportunity to speak with afterwards.

I’ve learned that I’m not alone in making this mistake. Many others fail to recognize their own achievements as well.

Why is this? Are we afraid of coming across as arrogant?

I’ve always thought the difference between arrogance and confidence is arrogant people think they know it all and that they’re above others.

What I’m talking about here is not knowing it all. It’s acknowledging and celebrating for knowing more than you did before.

Enjoying the process. Using it to build confidence.

You’ll hear more next week about closing out the decade (crazy to think!), but for now, take a moment to recognize the personal, professional, athletic, financial or spiritual accomplishments you’ve had in 2019. I’m sure there are many.

Wishing you a VERY Merry Christmas and happy holidays!




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