Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Sorry for being out of touch for a couple of weeks. Last Weds I spoke in downtown Denver, this Weds I spoke in Charlotte, NC, and in between I was able to find time to get…


Yes, yes, after 43 years on this planet, I finally found someone that will put up with me 🙂

Jokes aside, it was an amazing few days. Got married in Buena Vista, CO (a "true" mountain town and one of our favorites), surrounded by friends and family, and were blessed with amazing weather.

I was even able to rock my first Tik Tok dance! (see the rhythm and gracefulness below!)

Normally in these articles I have an Outperforming takeaway.

In this case, I don't.

Just hoping this finds you healthy, happy and high performing, and we'll get back on the normal Outperform messages next week.

Keep Outperforming,