There are a few fundamental rules when it comes to mastering your metabolism, and whether your goals are weight loss, increasing strength, or fat burning and improving your body composition, not eating ENOUGH may be holding you back.

When most people think of “cleaning up their diet” (or a New Year’s Resolution, for that matter), the first thing they think about is what they need cut out…or what they need to restrict. If you shift your focus to what you need to ADD IN, your entire metabolism, and attitude, will change.

The basic principle of your body needing to produce heat (i.e., burn calories) to digest food is called TEF, or the Thermic Effect of Food. Maybe you’ve heard that your body burns more calories digesting celery than it does from eating it? I actually have no idea whether this is factually correct but if it is, you can attribute it to TEF. It’s a key component to mastering your metabolism and Creating LEAN.

Good Luck!

– Scott