Playing catch up here after a week in Nashville, TN.

On a random stroke of luck, I had two engagements there last week. Same city, same week, same hotel. Has never happened before and I’m not sure it’ll happen again anytime soon.

Both of the engagements were for multi-billion dollar companies and were recognition events for top performers. Tuesday was 150 people and Friday was 75 people.

Nashville. Before the Honky Tonk & Hot Chicken 🙂


So, I more or less spent the week with 225 top performers. This included breakfasts, lunches, receptions, hallway chit chats, etc.

One thing that stood out to me:

These people are nothing special.

Actually, let me rephrase that: These people ARE special but it's not because they HAVE anything special.

Meaning, it's not like they born from a certain background or geographic area. None of them had genius IQ's. No one was comedic funny. Or a magazine model.

What I observed from the week is these people DO stuff differently.

They are curious and care deeply about serving with excellence. They want to give back. And pay it forward. They collaborate with others. They're in the gym in the morning. They have fun at night but never too much fun. They are respectful and step away to take a call. Despite their success, they act with humility.

I spent a large chunk of my early life operating with a fixed mindset, believing that my success (or lack thereof) would be mostly determined by what I had or did not have.

That's wrong.

The truth about Outperformers is that it's far more about what you DO or do not DO. The small things that become big things. The little daily decisions.

Whatever you're working towards, hopefully that empowers you.

Keep Outperforming!