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A letter from the socially-distanced coffee cup of Scott Welle...

Personally, professionally and athletically, I've been fortunate to be surrounded by great coaches in my life.

Coaches that motivated me. That challenged me. That, at times, scared me 🙂  That listened to me. That held me accountable. That made me BETTER.

When I wrote my first book, started my business and became a speaker, I had a coach. I owe a lot of my achievements to their guidance.

In fact, this is a commonality I've found amongst all Outperformers:

The best in the world, in any field, have a coach.

Shouldn't you?

I was talking with a friend the other day and realized it has been 13 years since I signed up for my first Ironman triathlon. I remember the day like it was yesterday and, in retrospect, I had NO IDEA what I was doing. To say I was in over my head is a drastic understatement.

See, this wannabe-Ironman was held back in swimming lessons growing up (afraid of the deep end of the pool), didn't own a bike and only ran if someone was chasing him.

Oh, and I had never completed a triathlon before...of ANY distance.

As I sat at the computer in my office, there were a long list of questions I had to answer, boxes I needed to check, forms I needed to complete. It seemed to take forever. As I scrolled to the bottom of the page there was a big "SUBMIT" button staring me in the face.

Immediately, a shot of adrenaline went through my body and my heart rate skyrocketed. I was equal parts excited and scared-to-death.

Why? Because I knew, deep down, if I hit that SUBMIT button, my life was going to change. I was going to be forced outside of my comfort zone and required to demand more of myself than I thought possible.

Thankfully, I did it. And I consider it one of best decisions I've ever made.

Below this text there is an application, and at the end of it is a SUBMIT button. I have no idea what resides outside of your comfort zone for later this year but if you'd like to work with me as your 1-on-1 coach to find out, let's roll up our sleeves and get after it. I guarantee you won't regret it.

To an Outperforming YOU,

Please Answer the Below Questions to Apply




    What are the top three goals you would like to achieve?

    Why is it important for you to make the above changes now?

    What has been keeping you from accomplishing these things in the past?

    How important are these goals for you on a scale of 1-10?

    What are three characteristics you would like to see in your coach?

    What are the best days/times for your 20-30 minute consult (please be as specific as possible?

    What ONE word would you like to define the next 6-12 months?

    Any other comments/questions/concerns you would like to add?

    What Other Outperformers Have to Say

    • Steve Boehlke
      Steve Boehlke - If you want to be challenged and supported (and even have some fun along the way) work with Scott! He’s a great guy!
    • Ryan Christopherson
      Ryan Christopherson - Thanks so much, Scott! It is the first time in SIX YEARS this division has been winning!
    • Barb Adams
      Barb Adams - His innovative strategies will help you be the best version of yourself while focusing on the process that leads to better outcomes.
    • Chuck Bolton
      Chuck Bolton - The techniques are applicable for those wanting to join the top 1% and lift their performance athletically, in business and life.
    • Caryn Weingart
      Caryn Weingart - Work with Scott if you want life-altering changes!

    A Slightly Longer Video Testimonial...

    I remember playing sports growing up and my dad telling me, "Don't be afraid to take the last shot. Somebody has to - it may as well be YOU."

    But I usually didn't do it. I lacked belief in myself and shrunk from the spotlight. It seemed easier to blend in than to have that heavy weight on my shoulders.

    That was long before the #1 best selling books, videos, international sales and media appearances. How did it happen? The answer isn't sexy.

    I just started waking up, deciding to take the shot. Somebody had to and it may as well be me.

    My greatest hope that, whatever shot you've been waiting to take, you step up and pull the trigger. Maybe it's a book; maybe it's a business. But you'll never feel more alive than in that moment, that pursuit, that courage.