Gain a Competitive Advantage.

Welcome athletes!

If you’re visiting this page, you more than likely have an athletic goal in mind. You’re either training for an event/sport currently or you desire to train for one in the future. And the quality of your training will be directly tied to the performance result. There are no shortcuts to peak performance.

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ve spent the better part of my life as a competitive athlete and working with competitive athletes. The difference between athletes and those who strive for better health & wellness, is athletes have a specific goal attached. Training isn’t done for the sake of it; it is done for improved performance. One needs to lead to the other for it to be worthwhile.

The short version of athletic programming works as follows:

  1. Determine your performance goal and how it will be measured
  2. Assess where you are now relative to the performance goal
  3. Develop a roadmap to get from where you are now to your performance goal

Of these things, developing the roadmap is by far the most difficult part. For example, it’s easy to say “I want to run a 3:40:00 marathon” and it’s easy to assess where you are now with your previous marathon times (say 4:00:00). But most people get lost on how they’re going to get from 4:00:00 to 3:40:00. It takes a specific plan or time is lost, frustration mounts, and goals aren’t achieved.

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