Last week I put out a message about getting in the game. Outperformers don’t watch passively from the sidelines.

Well, tomorrow I’m getting in the game and doing the Triple Bypass bike race…again. Same one I did last year – 100+ miles, 3 mountain passes, 10,000+ feet of elevation gain.

Triple Bypass 2021


Only one difference: I'm doing the "Gran Fondo" this year, which means I'm timed on the three uphill portions of the passes and competing against other riders. Whoever has the least total time wins.

I will not win. In fact, I'm going to get my butt kicked. You ever see those guys that win the Tour de France? They're like 130 lbs soaking wet!

Pretty sure you could cut off one of my legs and I'd still be more than 130 lbs 🙂

I'm not being pessimistic - it's physics. Climbing on a bike, in a lot of ways, is a numbers game.

But it's not really about winning or competing against others.

It's about playing to win and competing against yourself.

Winning = uncontrollable outcome. Playing to win = controllable process.

To play to win means showing up and making the effort. Generously giving all of yourself to your craft. As my Mom famously always said, "just doing your best."

When you do this, the results that we covet but tend to overemphasize in our society, take care of themselves.

Wish me luck and keep Outperforming!


And for one of my older videos on "Playing to Win" vs "Playing Not to Lose"...