Happy October!

Last week I wrote this post asking if you had a goal for the last 90 days of the year…

Many people responded and I tried to follow up with as many of you as possible. I appreciate your commitment to Outperform!

Even if you’re still marinating an idea in your head, I’m going to offer two pieces of advice based on what I heard:

*All of the examples I give are things I actually heard from you. And please view the comments as friendly, constructive feedback 🙂

First, how are you going to measure progress towards your goal? You’ve heard me talk about this before via the Progress Principle, but being able to see that you’re “moving the ball down the field” matters.

Improving quickness and balance in tennis is a fantastic goal, but how will we know we’re making progress? How long it takes to complete an agility drill? The length of time you can stand on a Bosu on one leg?

Measurement matters. Measurement motivates.

Second, what is ONE habit (what I call a “process goal”) that, if done repeatedly, will ensure you’re making this progress?

This is where we get into the discussion of goals vs. systems. Goals matter for direction. Systems matter for execution.

Meaningful goals are not accomplished in a day. Those are tasks. Goals are only accomplished by something done repeatedly.

One day of studying will not allow you to pass the real estate exam, but studying repeatedly will.

One day of proactive sales activity will not allow you to grow from 19M to 30M, but doing this repeatedly will.

One day of running will not allow you to complete a marathon, but running repeatedly will.

One day of writing will not allow me to finish my book, but writing repeatedly will.

We all know this is true but we often times don’t think about our habit this way. We hear that “massive action solves all problems” and believe this is what it will take.

The way you know you’re doing this right is if you look at your one habit and say, “Scott, this isn’t going to make a difference. It’s insignificant.”

And you’re right. Because in a day, it is.

But not when you start stacking it up over time…


That's plenty for today! If you want to keep it rolling, feel free to email me at scott[at]scottwelle.com with how your goal will be measured and what ONE habit is going to move the needle in your progress. As always, I'll do my best to respond.

Keep Outperforming!


P.S. Had a keynote at Lambeau Field yesterday, and as much as it pains me to say this as a Vikings fan, it's a seriously cool place.

AND, it's the only time I've ever eaten a bratwurst before speaking 🙂