I’m typing this on a flight from Denver to Minneapolis so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I’ve been grinding away on the new book this week and every now and then I guzzle enough coffee that the inner Hemingway comes out and I write something worthwhile.

Here are a few quotes from the book that I hope add value to your day…

On defining moments:

“You have done multiple things in your life that—connecting the dots looking backwards—were unrealistic at the time.

You did it anyway. You never stopped to ask whether it was sensible or practical. You made it happen.

Telling someone to be realistic is telling them to be self-limiting. Nothing noteworthy or significant was ever achieved by playing smaller than your capabilities.”

On struggle:

“Even if these things are difficult to pinpoint, realize that in your deepest, darkest, most difficult moments, you gained something. Your most painful times should not be looked at as things you wish didn’t happen, but as insightful, enriching experiences that made you who you are and made you better.”

On outcomes:

“I’m not advocating Process Goal participation ribbons for everyone, regardless of whether you achieved your Outcome. Outcomes matter. But we must view them in proper context and resist the temptation to use the blanket dichotomy of success and failure when it’s the only indicator to which we’re paying attention.”

On small wins:

“In one day, it is insignificant. You barely even notice it. After a week, you probably won’t notice it either. After a month, you start to see things happening. After a quarter, the changes become more obvious. After a year (and beyond) the entire trajectory of your achievements have changed.

All from something small and sustainable.

This is the boring part of excellence that The Norm neither understands, appreciates, nor ever fully embraces.”

On execution:

“Goal achievement doesn’t happen by hoping you’ll be dealt the best cards. It happens by playing your best hand.”

On performance expectations:

“It’s the mentality of selectively low execution on a daily basis, with high expectations of outcomes on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, that delivers extraordinary results.”

On accountability:

“What if we told a better story about accountability? Instead of it being something that’s only affixed to the weak and weary—a heavy cloak bearing our spineless ineptitude—could we look at accountability as one of the best ways to ensure we achieve our goals?”

On comparison:

“But we believe otherwise. We most often see the public successes, not the private struggles, and deem these people to have something that we don’t. We put them on an unreachable pedestal above us. It’s unfortunate and inaccurate. Their achievements can be our achievements.”

I heard from many of you last week and if you'd still like to get on the VIP list and receive an early, advanced copy of the book, please contact me and let me know. If you do this, I only have two asks: that you read it and review it 🙂

Keep Outperforming,