I would like to clear something up…

Yesterday I did a presentation on resilience. We know it’s a key attribute; something we need on our journey to Outperform.

Yet, like anything, there are huge misconceptions around resilience. Specifically, what it is and what it isn’t.

What it is NOT: Putting your head down and hard charging through everything. Not letting anything affect you. Never feeling angry, sad, frustrated, defeated.

This is the way “most people” in our society look at resilience. And to be clear, if you’re able to plow through life without feeling basic human emotions, it’s a form of neurosis or disorder.

What it IS: Your ability to bounce back.

In fact, the definition of resilience is:

The ability of an object to spring back into shape; elasticity.

I was looking for something to illustrate this in the presentation, and wouldn’t ya know it, there was a balloon laying on the ground (a natural byproduct of having your virtual training studio next door to a 10-year-old’s room).

(Presenting virtually with a balloon. Have I officially gone off the deep end?)

We don't think of balloons as resilient. We think the balloon should be a baseball or softball or some impervious titanium object.

And we beat ourselves up when we get squeezed.

Please stop that. Your ability to be a balloon and "spring back into shape" when maladaptive thoughts and behaviors aren't serving you is an invaluable trait. It's what makes you a resilient Outperformer.

Keep Outperforming,