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Let’s be honest, have you ever done “Goal Setting?”

We’ve all have, right? We set goals for outcomes, targets, metrics and deliverables. The things we want to happen in our personal and professional lives. Now, let’s also be honest, how often have these things come to fruition?

It’s time for a better approach, or what I call, “Daily Execution for Extraordinary Results.”

This is not goal setting - it is goal achieving. This is not waking up and hoping you’ll “feel” motivated - it is waking up and knowing you’ll have disciplined habits that move the needle. And, finally, this is not based in thoughts and theory - it is based in research and results.

When done correctly, goal achievement is a simple GPS, and should answer four basic questions:

  • WHERE do you want to go?
  • WHY does it matter?
  • WHEN will you arrive?
  • HOW will you get there?

This methodology has been presented to globally recognized brands like Northwestern Mutual, Edward Jones, State Farm and Sherwin Williams. It takes a high-level goal you want to achieve, strips it down into the components, benchmarks and milestones to keep you focused AND on track, and identifies the actions and activities that lead to long-term lasting outcomes instead of short-term performance spikes.

Daily Execution for Extraordinary Results: it’s the better way to achieve goals for YOU, your team or your company.

Daily Execution. Extraordinary Results. (Overview)

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    Go deep into the science of goal achievement, motivation and habit formation. Maximize EVERYTHING you do.


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    • Ray Lewis Ray Lewis Sherwin Williams
      The feedback from attendees was nothing but positive - thanks, Scott!
    • Derek Tamm Derek Tamm Northwestern Mutual
      Your message is so powerful, important and meaningful for anyone wanting to grow and be their best.
    • Kate Hufnagel Kate Hufnagel Alion
      Hands down one of the BEST discussions I've attended because of Scott's dynamic and engaging style!
    • Peter Beaumont Peter Beaumont The Resultants
      In front of a packed conference room, 99% felt this talk was Valuable or Very Valuable! Indeed a memorable and inspirational talk - Scott is highly recommended!
    • Josh Spurgeon Josh Spurgeon One Call Concepts
      Thanks for the fantastic presentation last week! That was of the best talks I've heard in a long time. Thank you for all you do and the valuable inspiration you provide.
    • Nora Utke Nora Utke Medtronic
      Thank you very much, Scott! From you, I have gained the awareness and courage to take that risk of being a contributing team member rather than observing from the side lines!

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