I don’t do a great job of promoting other’s work, but I read this thought-provoking article by James Clear this week about “average speed” and wanted to share it with you (if you like it, you may also want to check out his book, Atomic Habits).

When I first got into speaking and self-help, I remember hearing, word for word, the phrase:

Massive action solves all problems.

That’s true…to a point.

The more I study Outperformers, the more I realize “consistent action solves all problems,” and whether you’ve heard this referred to as average speed, compound effect, slight edge, marginal gains, or anything else; we’re mostly talking about the same thing.

Small, seemingly insignificant things, executed with ruthless consistency, is what truly moves the Outperforming needle.

I receive nothing by promoting the article to you…just the hope that it helps you to be your best in some way personally, professionally or athletically.

Keep Outperforming,