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“Scott, I REALLY want to make serious changes in my life. I’m fired up! Ready. Motivated.


BUT…I’m really busy right now. My job and life are crazy and I don’t have time for ANYTHING…

And they ALWAYS have cookies at the office…

And holidays are coming up…

And it gets dark so early these days…so I don’t feel like working out after work…

And it stays dark so late in the morning…so I don’t feel like getting out of bed…

And I just can’t stop reading the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy…

And I don’t like to make any changes towards the end of even-numbered years in which there is a presidential election and Donald Trump has bad hair.

So, let me get back to you…SOMEDAY.”

Have you seen this movie lately?


The single biggest difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is living for TODAY…and not banking on the uncertain someday of tomorrow.

I run into people all the time who still recognize me from my days of training at NWAC & Life Time Fitness…which was 6 years ago. And some of them are still singin’ the same country-western song: “I’m just waitin’ until xxx and yyy come together, and then things are going to be perfect.” Oh no…

Good rule of thumb. It should be: Ready, Fire, Aim.

It should NOT be: Ready, Aim, Aim a little more, and a little more, and a little more…


And omigawd…SOMEDAY when I’m in perfect alignment, I’ll fire!!!!!!!


Newsflash – your life will never be in perfect alignment. Ever. Something will always be a bit off, keeping you just beneath the eureka mother-load nirvana of perfection. It doesn’t mean you stop trying for it, but this waiting, hoping, for perfect harmony keeps many people from pulling the trigger towards the good things in life.

My Challenge To You:

Right now there are 65 days left in 2012. Most people think they have to put it in cruise control until the holidays are over, January is here and they can fully “commit” to making changes.


That’s a bunch of BS.


I had a great meeting with a local business last week and I got off on one of my tangents (typical) talking about how people need to focus on just changing ONE thing. Seriously – ONE! It can be something as simple as adding in a serving of vegetables each day, drinking an extra glass of water, or spending 5 minutes each day working on your attitude. And if you practice this solidly for two weeks…then transition into a new habit, you’ll have put in place over 25+ positive routines in a year that have staying power as a LIFESTYLE. And you’ll look and feel and think like a new person – I guarantee it.

So, for right now, write down 5 things (SMALL things) you’re going to change by the end of 2012. Start one immediately, then in two weeks, start another one. By the end of the year, you’ll have 5 new, positive habits put in place and you’ll have a jump start on making 2013 your best year EVER.

All you have to do is: decide.

– Scott


P.S. Please don’t wait till someday to write your five things. Get up. Take action. Do something. Make it happen. You’ve got the power. Your time is NOW.

P.P.S. There are 7 days in a week and Someday isn’t one of them!