Hello Outperformer,

On Saturday afternoon I caught a flight to Colorado. We were delayed about 30 minutes so I had a chance to do a little “people watching” at the gate.

The entertainment came from a small kid with big blonde hair (he couldn’t have been more than one year old and he bore an eerie resemblance to a young Scott Welle) that was desperately trying to walk.

But he kept falling down.

In fact, I counted four times that he fell down in just over a minute. He was really struggling. If we would have given him StrengthsFinder, there’s no way Walking would have been in his top 5.

On the left: Man down.
On the right: He's up again!

I had to admire his tenacity, though. It would have been so easy to quit, looking up and seeing everyone else walking around you, wondering when you'll be able to do the same.

Still, as he was struggling, he didn't overthink it - he just kept getting back up and trying again.

He's a total Outperformer: Never failing, always gathering feedback. Taking the best way, not the easy way. Challenged, not comfortable.

When we check back with him in 6 months–one year, he will have mastered the skill of walking. And the lessons he learned along the way will prove invaluable.

Think we can learn anything from this kid? I do.

Keep Outperforming,