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Mindful Midlife Crisis?

I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago for the Mindful Midlife Crisis podcast (don't let the name fool you - I'm not having a midlife crisis!). It was a
by Scott
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A Better Story

Outperformers are great storytellers. Not necessarily to others, but to themselves. You're telling yourself a story right now - about things that have happened, have not happened, may happen, may not
by Scott
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Here’s to the crazy ones.

One thing I've learned in my life is that more thinking isn't always better. In fact, I've seen a lot of people on the precipice of taking great, courageous actions, but
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In Need of Tech Support…

Have you been on a Zoom call (or whatever platform you use) anytime in the last year and, inexplicably, had technical issues? (I can see you nodding!) It's a natural casualty of
by Scott
Dave Winfield

An Important Interpretation

My Mom was a huge Minnesota Twins baseball fan. I remember her proudly waving her "Homer Hanky" when they won the World Series in '87 and '91. Kirby Puckett was
by Scott

Alicia Dunams: Servant Leadership

"Misalignment is a beautiful message. It lets us know that we’re not quite on track for the life that we want to live.” —Alicia Dunams In this episode, Alicia Dunams and
by Scott