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OUTPERFORM: 2010. 2020. 2030?

Happy New Year! Happy New Decade! Where were you in 2010? Where are you now? Where will you be in 2030? These are all questions I've asked myself many times over the last 1-2
by Scott
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Stop and Smell the…

My brother and I have a tradition of running one marathon together each year. In the spring of 2009, we went for a 19-mile training run. We started from my
by Scott
When to Quit

When to Quit.

Last week, fresh off the Egyptian jet lag, I spoke for a group of small business owners in MN. Afterwards, somebody walked up to me and asked me a question
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Scott Welle

Why Not?

I had coffee with a friend of mine late this morning and she said she listened to one of my recent podcast episodes. In the episode, I was interviewing someone
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Jaime Taets Outperform Podcast

Jaime Taets: Superpower Success

"If leadership was easy, everybody would be doing it. It’s individual by person and how you get them to change and how they respond to communication." — Jaime Taets Jaime Taets
by Scott