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I Could Use Your Help Please

I'll get right to it - I could use your help on something please: I'm getting into the weeds on my 10th book and it's going to be on... (drum roll please) Influence. Quite
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Pull People Up.

As a speaker, I'm connected to a lot of other speakers on LinkedIn. And I see a lot of posts on LinkedIn similar to this one: I don't know how this
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Simplest advice

The Simplest Advice…

I didn't post last week because I was driving back and forth to Des Moines from Minneapolis to speak to a group of HR leaders. I was also in a bit
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Scott Welle Leadership

Thermostat or Thermometer?

Last week I put out A message on the top 5 reasons I tell myself to "Bring The Joy" before every speech I give: 1. It lessens the pressure you put
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Scott Welle Motivational Speaker

5 Reasons.

I posted the following picture and caption on LinkedIn earlier this week and I thought it could serve you: One of the last things I tell myself before I take the
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Scott Welle Presence

Look Up.

A simple story for your day... The "boss" was nice enough to give me the afternoon off today, so I took advantage of a beautiful MN day and went for a
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Scott Welle

Birthday message to you!'s my birthday! In honor of 42 years on this planet, here are 42 lessons I've learned (in no particular order) on life and Outperforming The Norm. Enjoy! 1. It's never the
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Scott Welle Peak Performance

Quotes To Live By…

I'm typing this on a flight from Denver to Minneapolis so I'll keep it short and sweet. I've been grinding away on the new book this week and every now and
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