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Mindful Midlife Crisis?

I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago for the Mindful Midlife Crisis podcast (don't let the name fool you - I'm not having a midlife crisis!). It was a
by Scott
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Play a Winnable Game

Don't let your best days be defined by the external validation you receive from others. It's an unwinnable game. Last week I spoke virtually for a group of small business owners
by Scott

Out of Office?

What is the key to sustained high performance? In actuality, there's many keys but one that I see most often in my coaching clients and experience in my own life: having
by Scott
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Here’s to the crazy ones.

One thing I've learned in my life is that more thinking isn't always better. In fact, I've seen a lot of people on the precipice of taking great, courageous actions, but
by Scott
Simple Success Strategies


I've had a conversation with three coaching clients this week, and anytime that happens, I feel like it's important enough to send to you. The conversations revolved around not confusing simple
by Scott
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Creating Good, Better, Best Days

I've been asking a lot of my Performance Coaching clients these two questions: What makes you feel like you're winning? What happens on your best days? Once you identify these things, then
by Scott